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(File Title Example: Backart.png)

(File Title Example: Sleeveart.png)

(File Title Example: Insidelabelart.png)

Questions? Give us a shout! 323-915-4518

All files must follow our production guidelines. Questions? Call 323-915-4518

Print file size 
Make sure you graphics do not exceed 12.5" wide x 16" Long.

File dimensions & uploading
Please maintain dimensions when saving and uploading to Team Screen LA.
Save your image as a 300 dpi PNG. Note: Background Graphics should have

a transparent background since every color is printed - if your background is

white, then it will also show up on the print.

Make sure that your color profile is set to RGB.                                                       File w/ Background              Result                        File w/o Background             Result  


Image Area 12.5" x 16"

Small                Medium                 Large                     X-Large                      2X-Large                        3X-Large                             4X-Large                                  5X-Large

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